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The Community Association is supporting the creation of a new security network open and free to all Cragg Vale residents who opt to join. We are calling it CraggAlert, and its purpose is to enable everyone living in Cragg Vale to share information about security issues- (break-ins, attempted break-ins, car thefts, thefts from cars, vandalism, suspicious activity by individuals or people in vehicles, scams of all descriptions whether on the doorstep, through the post or online- the list is not exhaustive.)

Two immediate reassurances:-

First, Cragg Vale is not the crime capital of the North. But things do go wrong and one person’s experience shared can help prevent repetition in your locality.

Second, we are not taking over the role of any existing organisation. Most importantly you should continue to report all crime, actual or anticipated, to the police on 999 for crimes or emergencies in progress, and 101 for less urgent concerns.

Links will also be established with similar neighbouring groups e.g. in Mytholmroyd.

If you want to join, in the first instance please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and a mobile telephone number where you may be contacted. The scheme will function via a WhatsApp closed group, administered by one of our members, so that information will not be in the public arena accessible to anyone who might put it to improper use.

And to finish-please bear with us for the first few weeks. We haven’t done this before so there may be a few glitches!

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