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Bill Uttley (1948 - 2021)

In January we were saddened by the loss of one of Cragg Vale's truly colourful characters, when Bill Uttley, of Turley Holes farm, passed away following a period of ill health.

He was born in Todmorden, but spent most of his life in and around Cragg Vale, where he operated under many hats, including farmer, pub landlord, purveyor of woodcrafted items, zookeeper and genuinely nice family guy.

Often grumpy, quick with a smile, always generous, with an abundant supply of tall tales and opinions on most things, he made many friends and was a source of warmth and knowledge to all who knew him.

Perhaps fittingly, the journey to his final resting place was on the back of a tractor, as he was laid to rest in the Cragg Vale hillsides that he loved so much.

His legacy continues through his family at the farm, but he will be sadly missed. 


His name was Bill Uttley
He lived in Cragg Vale.
He was neighbour and friend
to all in the 'Dale.
His wheeling and dealing
were redoubtable skills
“it's my way or no way”
was a motto of Bill's.
And then there's his creatures
Who may have been smelly
But when the weather turned foul
He'd bring them in, to watch telly.
He knew all about livestock,
And was free with his knowledge,
You'd learn much more from Bill,
Than you would do in college.
As wise as an owl,
As mischevious as Muttley.
We've just lost a diamond
His name was Bill Uttley.




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