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Without your help and support, the 2017 Cragg Challenge would not have happened nor run as smoothly as it did.

Almost 250 participants took part in a series of events that were watched by hundreds more. The cycle climb was particularly well-supported, with 96 participants looking to either set or improve their personal best up the longest continuous climb in England.

The start of the Collinge Climb was an emotional moment, with a 4-year-old setting off with a baton that wasn’t much smaller than her! Thirty six children and 43 minutes later it made it to the finish line following 5 miles of determined running. The fields for the 10 mile, 10K and 5K were strong, and everyone appeared to be enjoying the day, wherever they were in the race.

The event itself raised £2000 through entries for distribution to our promoted charities. A further £700 was raised for charity directly on the day, with collections, stalls and raffle competitions going throughout the events, and more will have been raised by individual participants raising money for their chosen charities.

The Cragg Challenge charities being promoted were: Local (Overgate, CVSR), Regional (Yorkshire Air Ambulance) and National (CRUK, Guide Dogs UK).

We have been inundated with positive comments about the day, the organisation, the events and just how wonderful it was to have a closed road - prompting neighbours to get outside and talk to one another!

We’ve also received a steady stream of enquiries (or demands) that the Cragg Challenge should return in 2018. If it does, we are confident that with the same degree of support that we enjoyed this year, the next Cragg Challenge can only be bigger and better.

Thank you once again.
The Cragg Challenge Organising Committee (Cragg15) 


Phil Rodda (Ch), Paul McMahon, David Oliver, Tim Walton, Peter West

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