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Proposed traffic speed restrictions in Cragg Vale - update - August 2021


The Cragg Vale Community Association, along with local Councillors have raised concerns about road safety in the area for a number of years so were pleased to note the Calderdale Council consultation on the issue, encouraging people to submit their views to the Council before 13th May 2021.


The consultation covered the proposals to restrict traffic speed limits to 30mph on the full stretch of the B6138 main road as it runs through Cragg Vale.  The responses were considered at the meeting on 20th May 2021 and the scheme, as proposed, was approved.


Full details can be found on the Calderdale Council website at  or follow this link for the minutes of the meeting:

Details are now being requested from Calderdale Council as to when the changes will take place, and information will be posted on this site when known.




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