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After a long campaign by a local resident, Yorkshire Water will be doing some remedial work on Rudd Lane, mainly on the areas adjacent YW’s land. YW said:

“YW will be undertaking works to divert land water away from Rudd Lane. This will include, cleaning out a drainage ditch at the westerly end at the top of Rudd Ln adjacent to Withens Ln; cleaning away soil from the end of the cross drains where they discharge onto the land to the south side of Rudd Ln and renewing a land drain to catch the land water where it runs through a section of wall on the northern side of Rudd Ln. The final piece of work will be to rectify a poorly repaired culvert and reinstate the area around this.

In addition to the drainage work, the section of lane which is YW responsibility to maintain will have the surface repaired where damage has occurred. This area extends from the car park 379 yards east down Rudd Ln.

Once we can see how effective the work has been at diverting land water away from the Lane we can determine if any further works are required.”

Discussions are ongoing about road repairs further down the lane. A map showing the details of where the repairs will be is available to see on the CVCA website at

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