Hello Cragg Vale, just to let you know what's going on with the church.

You might've already heard that the Archbishops have suspended all Sunday services.

We have also had to stop the other things that we do like our 'Open Church' on Tuesday afternoons. This is a real pity and I'm sorry that it's happened, but I know you will all understand.

We will be having the church open during the day though, perhaps for a hour so that people can just pop in for a bit of peace and perhaps a private prayer.

We'll give you the details when we've sorted ourselves out.

Meanwhile, could you do me a favour please, will you let people know who aren't on FB as I don't want them to turn up for church for a service. Thank you.

Also, if anyone wants to contact me for more info, or just to have a moan about the situation my phone number is 883944 or PM me.

God Bless. Cathy (the Vicar)